23 mayo 2012

Now on sale... 27: SECOND SET TP!

Right on! The collected edition of the 27's second mini-series is finally on shelves! If you like disgraced musicians, weird chest devices, bizarre gods and psychotic One Hit Wonders, you can't miss this book, which collects 27: Second Set #1 to 4, plus a sketchbook and a lot of extras.

You can purchase it in any comic store or digitally here (also, you'll be able to buy the book for digital devices soon at Comixology's 27 section). And remember, follow the 27 Facebook fanpage for further news and the daily update of the webcomic version of 27 at Keenspot.

To spice the things up, take a look at the step by step pin-up of The God of Fame that I made to be included to the Sketchbook section of the book.

27: Second Set TP
written by Charles Soule
drawn by me
lettered by Shawn DePasquale
covers by W. Scott Forbes
edited by Jade Dodge
published by Image/Shadowline.

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