26 octubre 2011

On sale today... 27: Second Set #2!

Yeah, folks, the second issue of the new adventures of Will Garland is out, waiting for your eyes! This time we will know a more about Valerie Hayes, the new character we saw at the end of issue 1. Who is really Valerie? There is a blog studying what happened to the 1986's music phenomenon, but you can be sure Valerie will become a strong headache for Garland.

As usual, 27: Second Set is written by Charles Soule, drawn and paint by me, with letters by Shawn DePasquale and covers by W. Scott Forbes. Here's a link where you can order this issue (and the rest of issues, either Second Set or First Set) or if you want to purchase it digitally, then Comixology is a good option.

Here's a preview:

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