14 septiembre 2011

On sale today... 27: Second Set #1!

The day has come, folks! The first issue of the new mini-series written by Charles Soule and painted by me (with the cool covers by Scott Forbes, of course) is on stores. Groupies, deities, bad hands and one hit wonders are waiting for you!

There are several reviews around the net (here and here, for example) and they are very promising for the moment. I'll be waiting for further comments around the websites, but as usual, the last word is yours. If you buy and support this story, there will be more to come and my cats will not starve!

If you want to purchase it online, you can do it here. And remember: 27 First Set TPB is always available here.

So c'mon my friend, go to the comic shop right now! The new journey of Will Garland is just beginning. Thanks for being there!

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