07 septiembre 2011

... and then, one morning...

... my copies of 27: Second Set #1 came home!

Remember, the first issue of the sequel to the nominated series will be out next week, September 14th. Charles Soule at the words, me on the interiors and Scott Forbes on the covers, as you know.

Check out this blog for further info, I'll be posting a preview for issue one quite soon.

I said "nominated"? Oh yeah! 27 First Set has been nominated as Great Graphic Novel for Teens for the YALSA 2012! You can read the whole list of nominated books here.

Thanks, people.

4 comentarios:

  1. I don't know if I should write in english or cordobés basico. Anyway, se ve very cool!

  2. jaja, you just write it como se te cante el ass. Gracias por ver!

  3. Looks amazing, se ve fantastico!
    Can't wait to get mine.


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