08 junio 2007


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ENG: HARD DRIVE is a full-color, 12 issue, open-ended mini-series, written by Greg Dunford and drawn by me. This is the cover mock-up for issue 1. If you like it, just let me know about some editor who want to publish it, in case you want to read the book. If you already are an editor and you liked the cover ok, just send me an e-mail, for christ sake!

ESP: HARD DRIVE es una minisere de 12 números a todo color, escrita por Greg Dunford y dibujada por mí. Esta es la portada tentativa para el número 1. Si te gusta, decime acerca de algún editor que quiera publicarla, en caso que quieras leer el comic. Si ya sos un editor y te gustó la tapa, entonces mandame un mail porrrrrdió!

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